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Event Night Brought to You


Let TylerTellsJokes provide a great night of fun that is easy to organize and promote. Our events would be an excellent activity for your residents and a fantastic perk for those living in your buildings

Comedy Night

60-70 Minute show consisting of stand up and musical comedy. Performers have been featured at Second City, Laugh Factory and Zanies. Rating- speaking like adults but without being offensive, devise or grotesque. (Can be adjusted if needed) We provide the sound system. $300

Boozy Bingo

70-80 minute event (8 games of Bingo). Hosting classic bingo with challenges sprinkled in to keep the energy up. We provide the bingo balls, cards, markers and the sound system. $400 (different price* if we need to get the prizes)


60-70 minute event. Trivia night can be themed or general knowledge questions. We provide the questions, answer sheets and sound system. $350 (different price* if we need to get the prizes)




Past buildings we’ve been seen at:

Atwater Apartments
Kennect Chicago
Circa 922
Park 405
The Belmont
Flair Towers
215 Washington
Optima Signature
City Front Place
McClurg Court
1000 S Clark
Eight Eleven Uptown

Two Light (Kansas City)
Cast Iron (West Bend)
4Marq (Minneapolis)
Uptown Fayetteville

LPC Leadership Summit- Feature Performer